luni, 3 aprilie 2017

Delegation SCMD the Ministry of Defense
         INFORMATION -
On the morning of Thursday, 30 March, a delegation of President SCMD Mircea Dogaru,Vice President al. (R) The reason Valeriu Pricina,, et al. (R) Stefan Adrian - from the Secretariat SCMD, went to the Defense Ministry for a discussion with Minister Gabriel Les. Ministerial team was made up of advisors to the minister, heads of financial accounting and legal and the director of the MoD Sector Pensions
Delegates SCMD experienced disaster throughout the system (Defense, Public Order and National Security) by disengaging it reservists from discrimination and legalize their failure to apply the principles and provisions of Law 223/2015, by introducing illegal by experts MoD N. a whole ordinance, unjustified, as an article in GEO no. 57/2015. Consequences were addressed to all categories of reservists from the Army, Interior and services but also on current employees on contract military and police officers posted in theaters of operations. It asked Law no. 223/2015 and repeal Art. 40 of GEO. 57/2015, including discriminatory provisions on postponing payments to reservists of GEO. 20 and 99/2016 and 9/2017.
Requested preventively to reject any attempt to release the system, reservists, through the Draft law on the unitary pay, pension increases will be made and percentage wage increases while active.
Demonstrated and documented that all these delays and prevarication of payment, including aid, are based on the idea of criminal and petty, cessation of payments by the death recipients deaths reservists are estimated for the whole system to 500 per month which translates in mind financiers, educators Ceausescu, on the principle of "three R" by "large savings to the state budget, pension fund".
SCMD requested that all draft framework law aimed structures Defense System, Public Order and National Security be analyzed by its experts, people with experience in specialized fields.
Likewise, SCMD shall apply to the Director and the Minister of Interior and Intelligence
We will see to what extent promises SCMD delegates will be honored by facts and we will act accordingly.
Honor et homeland! Vae Victis!
President SCMD

Col. (r) dr. Mircea DOGARU

(preluat de Presedintele F 1 Pitesti)